I’m a 10+ year iOS Developer whose worked with 6 startups. This past year I released 6 iOS and web apps. Follow me and learn how to make your Startup a success.
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“I prefer to use MVVM.” “No Viper would be better in this scenario.” “No, I think that MVC is best in all circumstances.”

“We need to use the adapter pattern here, no Decorator, no Facade…” The conversation is everlasting.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. There are so many patterns and everyone has a ton of opinions about each one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of patterns that exist out there. I understand that there is value to knowing patterns. Each pattern is designed to provide a solution to very common scenarios. And I have come to appreciate the value of many of the patterns.

I’m a programmer who loves to travel, loves languages, and loves people

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My name is Adebayo Ijidakinro or Ade for short. Most people who try to say my name butcher it. Some people would call me Abuday, Arde, and a host of other atrocious attempts. But that’s fine, I respond to all of them.

My Dad is from Nigeria. He came to America on a government scholarship. He’s a very intelligent man. My mom is from Arizona. They met in college, got married, and about 8 years later had me.

The story of my name

Interesting story about my name, it means “I have come home to meet or find joy.” My father was in Nigeria when I was born. So when he arrived home he felt that he had come home to find joy, me. …

I did it and you can too

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So you want to learn how to program. Good for you. Progamming can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career. It’s a career I’m very happy I chose.

One of the beautiful things about programming is that it’s a profession that doesn’t require a degree. It doesn’t even require any formal training. It’s something that you can teach yourself while being locked down during COVID.

But how can you go from, I know nothing, to I’m a full blown programmer? There’s tons of books and online tutorials out there to chose from. Which ones are best for you?

By the time you read this article, your going to know what you need to do to become a programmer and start making money. …

3 lessons we learn from Groupon, Zappos, and Craigslist

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Every startup has the dream of being the next household name. We all hope that one day we can attain the success of Instagram, Facebook, Groupon, and Craigslist. We try to learn as many lessons as possible from the successes of these startups.

It’s difficult to learn lessons from startups that have already grown into large organizations though. Trying to take early-stage startup lessons from what Instagram is today is incredibly difficult.

Once a startup is massive you can’t really imitate them unless you’ve already grown to a large scale startup yourself. What we can do though, is look at how those startups began. …

How to write code that others will envy

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To me, programming is more of an art than it is a technical skill. That might sound interesting to you, but there’s a reason why I feel this way.

Art is very much an expression of a person’s creativity. A great painter can take a blank canvas and turn it into anything in his imagination. A sculptor can turn a stone into a masterpiece. When an artist begins a piece, there is a limitless amount of options available to them. Each stroke of the paintbrush or each chip away at a piece of marble contributes to the overall product. …

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I remember in 2015 when Protocol Oriented Programming (POP) became a big thing. David Brahams gave a speech at WWDC about it, and it exploded. All of a sudden, I was seeing articles popping up all over the place crying that as Swift developers we must implement POP in our projects.

Okay, that’s fine. I have nothing against POP. I actually things it's great. But the biggest takeaway for most people from that 2015 talk was this. “Always start with a protocol.”

It’s this phrase that I have problems with. This phrase is a rule. …

4 methods that will help you

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When you think of a mentally tough person, who comes to mind? For me, it’s Michael Jordan.

Some see Michael as a person whose success was based solely on his inborn talent. That’s not the case.

Some feel that he didn’t have to overcome anything on his path to victory. That’s not the case.

  • As a sophomore, he didn't make his varsity team.
  • In his first 7 trips to the playoffs, he didn’t make it to the Finals.
  • He made it to the Eastern Conference Finals twice, only to be defeated by the Pistons.
  • The media said he wasn’t a champion like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. …

After I learned to stop caring, life got really awesome

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Photo by author Adebayo Ijidakinro

When I was younger, I was concerned with everyone’s viewpoint of me. I was terrified that people would look down on me. I was terrified that people would view me as incompetent. If I was harshly criticized for anything, I would completely collapse. I was fearful of performing. Not like performing on a stage, but performing period. Playing a game of basketball with kids I didn’t know at school. Standing up in front of the class and giving a book report. All these things terrified me.

What made things so tough though is that I always wanted to perform. I was always learning new things that I wanted to show people. When I learned to make music, I wanted to share my music with my friends. When I started playing an instrument, I wanted to perform in front of others. When I started learning a language, I wanted to speak with people. And honestly, I often would muster up the courage and do it. But then as soon as the negative criticism came, I was done. …

As explained by a serial angel investor

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Let’s be honest, we all want that check. We work hard. We build what we believe to be a startup that can truly succeed. And we want that check to push our plan forward and attain that blissful success. Getting an investor is a major milestone for a startup. It puts you on the road to achieving your goals.

For these reasons, this topic is very important. What can help you to reach this milestone though? What can you do to increase your chances of getting an investor to invest in your startup?

There are 3 qualities that many investors look for in an entrepreneur. In this article, I’m going to show you what those 3 qualities are, and how to display them. …

3 things to keep in mind that will help you

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Negativity is everywhere. We all have to deal with it. Some of us have to deal with it more than others. Growing up, I always struggled with dealing with negative people. I always felt like I had to defend myself against people who looked down on me or viewed me negatively. And it was difficult because I had a very negative view of myself. So dealing with so much harmful criticism would cripple me mentally.

It was very difficult. And there were times when I honestly felt I couldn’t go on. But a few years back, I decided I needed to figure out how to deal with this. Not just for myself. …

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