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I’m a 10+ year iOS Developer whose worked with 6 startups. This past year I released 6 iOS and web apps. Follow me and learn how to make your Startup a success.

“I prefer to use MVVM.” “No Viper would be better in this scenario.” “No, I think that MVC is best in all circumstances.”

“We need to use the adapter pattern here, no Decorator, no Facade…” The conversation is everlasting.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. There are so many patterns and everyone has a ton of opinions about each one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of patterns that exist out there. I understand that there is value to knowing patterns. Each pattern is designed to provide a solution to very common scenarios. And I have come to appreciate the value…

I’m a programmer who loves to travel, loves languages, and loves people

My name is Adebayo Ijidakinro or Ade for short. Most people who try to say my name butcher it. Some people would call me Abuday, Arde, and a host of other atrocious attempts. But that’s fine, I respond to all of them.

My Dad is from Nigeria. He came to America on a government scholarship. He’s a very intelligent man. My mom is from Arizona. They met in college, got married, and about 8 years later had me.

The story of my name

Interesting story about my name, it means “I have come home to meet or find joy.” My father was in Nigeria when…

Genius. I’ve always shuttered when I’ve heard people utter this word. This word is so easily attributed to those who are exceptionally skilled at something. We listen to the music of a great musician and we express in great awe, “This person is a genius.”

Mozart, Beethoven, Albert Einstein. These are the people that mankind refer to as geniuses.

I hate it.

Do you know why I hate it? Because there are no such things as inborn geniuses. And believing that these geniuses exist is a counterproductive lie. …

How reactive programming helps you write better code

Changes happen all the time in the developer world. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is new. And as fast as things come, they become obsolete just as fast.

What was once considered standard practice, oftentimes is replaced by other methodologies and technologies.

Because of this, you must always be careful to not jump on the bandwagon too fast. Just because a lot of people are using a specific programming practice or a fancy new tool, doesn’t mean that you should follow the crowd. Whenever adopting a new practice, try to study it thoroughly first. …

Other architectures are fine, but MVC is all you really need

There are a lot of architectures and patterns out there. You’ve got MVVM you got MVP, VIPER. Each pattern and architecture is created to deal with specific scenarios or problems that are common to iOS Development, or software development in general.

Knowing various patterns and architectures is advantageous. But there’s a common misconception among many Swift developers. That misconception is that to be a good Swift developer you need to know tons of patterns and architectures. This makes some developers feel inadequate if they only use MVC.

In the last article I wrote about patterns, RichG mentioned something very interesting…

You should write the way that you speak

Growing up, I never had a problem writing. My mom was an excellent writer, and she would make us write book reports in the summer which she would correct and return to us. She also kept a book about proper writing and formatting around that we all would reference. Because of this, I never had any real issues with writing papers in school. I considered myself a decent writer. And I got decent grades on all my essays. But that all changed my senior year of high school.

Before my senior year, when I would write, I would use what…

He fought a corrupt government and his only weapon was his music

As I sat down to write down this article, I was perplexed as to how I should start. Should I begin with a brief history of prolific musicians who shaped the musical landscape of their times? Should I speak of artists such as Bob Marley who had a positive global impact? Or should I speak about my own love and appreciation for music?

However, I’ve decided that the best way to introduce this article is with an introduction to the person whom this article is written about. A man who endured the death of his mother at the hands of…

I did it and you can too

So you want to learn how to program. Good for you. Progamming can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career. It’s a career I’m very happy I chose.

One of the beautiful things about programming is that it’s a profession that doesn’t require a degree. It doesn’t even require any formal training. It’s something that you can teach yourself while being locked down during COVID.

But how can you go from, I know nothing, to I’m a full blown programmer? There’s tons of books and online tutorials out there to chose from. Which ones are best for you?

By the…

3 lessons we learn from Groupon, Zappos, and Craigslist

Every startup has the dream of being the next household name. We all hope that one day we can attain the success of Instagram, Facebook, Groupon, and Craigslist. We try to learn as many lessons as possible from the successes of these startups.

It’s difficult to learn lessons from startups that have already grown into large organizations though. Trying to take early-stage startup lessons from what Instagram is today is incredibly difficult.

Once a startup is massive you can’t really imitate them unless you’ve already grown to a large scale startup yourself. What we can do though, is look at…

How to write code that others will envy

To me, programming is more of an art than it is a technical skill. That might sound interesting to you, but there’s a reason why I feel this way.

Art is very much an expression of a person’s creativity. A great painter can take a blank canvas and turn it into anything in his imagination. A sculptor can turn a stone into a masterpiece. When an artist begins a piece, there is a limitless amount of options available to them. Each stroke of the paintbrush or each chip away at a piece of marble contributes to the overall product. …

Adebayo Ijidakinro

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