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Adebayo Ijidakinro
4 min readOct 18, 2020
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As a blogger, you have many places that you share with people all over the world. And so many people love the spots that you share with them.

I have always been a lover of traveling. I’ve visited many different countries, and have lived abroad for 3 years.

I’ve always wanted others to have the same experiences that I or that others who love to travel have. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure this is why you started blogging. You wanted to share your experiences so others can travel through you in a sense.

Graffiti Maps makes it easier for others to share in your experiences. Others can read and see what you’ve done. But with today's tools, helping people to have the same experience can be tough because.

That’s why I created Graffiti Maps. Here are a few reasons you should use it, especially if you're a blogger.

If people are near your spots, they’ll be notified

I’ve read so many blogs about Bali, but when I was there, there were only a few that I looked at. And they were different than the ones that I had looked at before. Mainly because I would do a Google search when I was there.

Graffiti Maps solves that problem. Once they follow you, or a wall on Graffiti, when they’re near that place they’ll get a notification. Also too, when they open the app, it will show them the spots of people they follow. Since they’re following you, your spots will show up on their map.

You can share very obscure places

It’s one thing to have an article about the 10 places to eat good sushi in Japan. It’s another to have an article about the best random street vendors food in Bali. Why is the latter more difficult? Because how can you help someone find a very obscure place? It’s very difficult.

With Graffiti, you can share your Spot no matter where you are.

  • Are you in the middle of a forest in Colombia? No problem.
  • Are you fishing in the middle of the ocean, and want to share that great spot? Easy.

You can share anything, anywhere with your Followers, your friends, and your families.

Hashtags make it easy to find niche places

Using tools like Google Maps you can find places like beaches, cafes, etc. fairly easy. But what about more detailed searches? Or more niche places?

What if I want #beacheswithnopeople? Or #glutenfreestreettacos? Or #cafesforkids? There are so many niche things that we’re into that are difficult to find with today’s apps.

Using Hashtags in Graffiti Maps solves this problem. Any spot can have any hashtag or your liking. Get enough people to use the same hashtag, and now you’ve created a niche for people to search tons of places.

Graffiti Maps is growing

Breaking into an already established platform is difficult. Building an influencer Instagram account now is much more difficult than if you started years ago. Building a Medium following is more difficult now than before. Why? Because as more and more people begin using the product, you get lost in the crowd.

Since Graffiti Maps is still in its early stages, those who use the app now will be the influencers of tomorrow.

There’s no question that the decision to sign up and use the app today, will allow you great financial opportunities.

Graffiti Maps is very easy to use

You can create a spot with just a few clicks.

If you have pictures on your iPhone that you took in the past. No problem. Graffiti Maps will use the location data stored in the picture to create the spot.

All you have to do is give the spot a title, and a description.

The title is just a way of remembering the spot. Doesn’t need to be the actual name.

Organizing your spots using walls feature is also very easy. All you have to do is click the Save button on your own or another person’s Spot. And then select a ‘Wall’ to add it.

With walls, you can easily organize spots for your own purpose, or to share with others.

Click here to see an example of my Cafe’s in Tainan Wall.

Notice how each spot can be navigated to. And when in the iOS app, you can view all the spots on the map at one time.

I built Graffiti Maps because I wanted to make travel more social. I want people to share in the experiences of others. I want to connect the travel community in a new way. Not just talking to one another, but going to the places that others have been.

How cool is it when you recommend a spot to a friend, and they go? Then they send pictures to you and talk about how awesome it was? Isn’t it a great feeling? There’s something special about it.

I’m hoping to help more people capture that special feeling!

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