I built this app for people to keep track of their and their friend’s travels, and I know we can all make this a massive user-generated map for everybody.

So I don’t know about you, but I love to share the places that I’ve traveled with my friends and family. What I love more than anything though, is when they’re able to share in the experience.

I’ve gone on trips with others just so that I can show them the places that I went to when I was there. And I’m sure you’ve all had the experience where you’re telling someone where you’ve been and they say, ‘Man I would looove to go there!’

That’s why I built Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled, or just Graffiti Maps for short. Everyone wants to actually go to the places that their friends or people who they follow on Instagram have been. There’s some connection when we go to a place that a friend recommended, right? Especially when we’re traveling.

Graffiti Maps lets you use the photos that you’ve taken, and create a spot out of it. Simple as that. Your followers can then navigate to that spot using the app. You can use Graffiti Maps to plan trips. To remember places you’ve been for later. To help others who you don’t even know have a good time!

I know there are other apps out there that have tons of places, like Google Maps, or Trip Advisor. My issue with them though is that I find it hard to find niche stuff. Maybe I’m just not that smart, but I find it easy only to search for popular destinations. But no one is going to have posted the guy selling Thai tea in front of the supermarket on some random road in Bali. Which was literally the experience that I had. The best Thai Tea I’ve ever had, no kidding, was in Bali at some random street vendor’s shop. That’s not on Trip Advisor or Google Maps, but it’s on Graffiti Maps. Because you can post anything on Graffiti.

Now, how will you find that cool place you may think. Well, that’s what’s cool about the app. On Instagram, we have people we follow, and they have their niche. On Graffiti Maps, you have people you follow, and they have their niche! You follow me, you’ll find a ton of places all over the world, not kidding, that are in these tiny back alleys and random places. If that’s not your thing though, then you can just follow someone else. Follow the people who are interested in the same things as you, and you can almost guarantee every spot they add is going to be something you think is awesome!

I also tried to make it super easy to organize your spots with what I call walls. (Hence the name, Graffiti) You can save, or tag, your own spot or those of another on a wall like you would Pinterest. So you can have walls for anything you want. I have walls for Cafes in Tainan, Taiwan. Great breakfast spots in Tainan. Cool places to go to in Ireland. Cafes in LA.

You can have walls for anything that you like.

I’m sharing this app because I honestly think that travelers will love to use it. It just needs users. I built it for the travel community because I was frustrated that I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’d love for you all to try the app and benefit from it. It’s on iOS only right now, but the Android version is not far behind.

Give me whatever feedback so that I can make it as good as possible for you all. I’m down to implement whatever ideas you guys have. If you think the app is trash, let me know. If you love, let me know.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!


I’m a 10+ year iOS Developer whose worked with 6 startups. This past year I released 6 iOS and web apps. Follow me and learn how to make your Startup a success.

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